Club Championship - "The Mr K Cup"

To encourage participation in DSRC events, the committee has decided to implement a DSRC Club Championship. The championship is to be known as the Mr K Cup, in honour of Mr Yutaka Katayama.

Mr Katayama is a former Japanese automotive executive who rose to prominence as the leader of Datsun’s successful 1958 Australian Mobilgas trial, bringing international honour to both Nissan/Datsun and Japan.

Mr K, as he became known, later served as the first president of Nissan Motor Corporation USA and expanded Nissan's focus from economy vehicles to sportier vehicles, and was a key supporter of Peter Brock and the BRE roasters. Mr K has also been inducted into the American Automobile Hall of fame.

Points for the Mr K Cup will be awarded to financial DSRC members for the 12 months commencing January 1, on the following basis.

Three points for each of the following:

  • Attendance at any Datsun Sports Roadster Nationals 
  • Attendance at the DSRC Falls Creek event
  • Any recognised overseas roadster event
  • Organising/participating in a roadster article appearing in a newsagent-sold magazine
  • Organisation of an offical DSRC club run or event (events manager excluded)

Two points for each of the following:

  • Attendance at any DSRC offical club run event 
  • Attendance at any other DSRC event identifed as an official Mr K event on the website or Roadster magazine
  • Article published in Roadster magazine of at least 500 words and supplied with high-resolution photos (editor and technical manager excluded)

One Half (0.5) point for each of the following:

  • Attendance at any non-DSRCV event in a roadster (proof of attendance required).

The club member amassing the most points will be declared the winner. In the event of a tied points situation, a count-back system will apply, based firstly on the most number of three-pointers, then if necessary, the most amount of two-pointers.

The winner will be presented with a trophy at the Annual General Meeting.