Club Committee

The committee is responsible for the management of all Club affairs. The committee is open to all financial members of the club and positions are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in February each year.

The current elected committe members for 2018 are:

President - Jonathan Chambers

Vice President - Ian Pringle

Secretary - Rod Johnson

Treasurer - Chris Hardman

Magazine Editor - Rod Johnson

Event Manager - Peter Finnigan

Techincal Advisor - Lou Mondello

Club Plates Officer - Ian Pringle

Website Manager - Rod Johnson

General Member - Shane Clauge

General Member - Rod Thomson

General Member - Paul Williams

General Member - Angela Johnson


The commitee meets an a regular basis to discuss general club business. The following dates have been scheduled for 2018.

29th May 2018

24th July 2018

25th September 2018

27th November 2018

AGM TBA 2019


All members are welcome to attend.