Datsun Roadster Owners Syndrome


DROS And related sickness generally begins to manifest itself at an early age in life, within many of the automotive world.


Nasty inflictions, such as these, have no continental boundaries and once the disease has taken a foothold within one’s inner being, it can be a very rare occurrence that one can be fully cured.


Symptoms include, re-occurring scratched and bruised knuckles, aching back, bruised egos, sore knees and tennis elbow to name a few. Acute symptoms also include wanting to spend countless hours in front of a computer terminal, in the name of ‘research and acquisition’ of items that will help solve their problem, when in actuality, it is only adding to their problem.                        


A few times throughout the life span of this illness, many believe they have rid themselves of this terrible disease. In fact, it has only gone into remission and flare-ups will occur, although sometimes years apart, with the need to to start another project.


Many times, when these flare-ups occur, a simple drive around in the problem car can alleviate some of this desire. One must be careful however, not to ignore these signs, as this can often lead to chronic withdrawal from others, similarly infected with DROS, thinking avoidance might help with lessening the symptoms, when in reality, it merely postpones the inevitable.


Many of those affected by this disease, can find solace and understanding within one of the many, localised or even international support groups, as many within these groups, have a clear understanding of what the patient is going through, as this disease is prevalent amongst them.


Many will be forth coming with solutions, and general remedies and will have many suggestions to offer up, but please be warned, this usually just fuels the addiction.


DROS can often lead to similar associated diseases, relating to 510s, 240/260/280Zs and Skylines amongst others. Care must be taken when attending congregations of groups within, what is generally termed as ‘all Nissan meets’ in order to prevent the spread of this contagious disease.


 As with many of these chronic ailments, most addicts are typically in denial, that the disease has become a fully developed condition and symptoms are often pointed out, by spouses and members of the direct family.


   However, please note DROS can be highly contagious and can easily be transmitted to these same close contacts if precautions are not adhered to. Please be aware of this potential epidemic.


 Below is one man’s beginnings of his addiction, and his attempt at getting his fix...


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