Joe Valenti's 1964 1500

I first saw this car when a friend and I went to the 2007 Hanging Rock car show. As it slowly drove by on its way to park with some of the other roadsters on show, I found myself following behind like a lost puppy, admiring it all the way. At the wheel was an elderly gentleman, who I immediately introduced myself to.

His name was Mal Darbyshire.

Mal began telling us about how he found this car in a farm paddock in the back blocks of some country town. It was basically little more than a shell, with most of the panels and floor sections rusted out. He acquired it and then both he and his friend, Joe Fichera, set about “fixing it up a bit”. 

Mal freely admits that Joe did most of the mechanical and body work and he did most of the gopher work, too. They worked on it in their spare time, a few hours here and there on some evenings and weekends.

What started out as a basic ‘fix it up and get it on the road quickly’ task soon turned into a full and thorough frame-off restoration over many, many years. The end result is a car that has been beautifully restored.

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